Friday, 12 October 2012

Personal Essay Topics

The sun was smiling down on me; it was going to be a beautiful day, one I had waited for all my life! He stood there, with his handsome smile, trying to conceal his nervousness; he was waiting for me. “All rise, as we welcome the bride,” the pastor declared. A mixture of emotions came with the declaration; an excitement I never knew existed, an anxiety of the unknown, and the sadness of leaving my family behind. Within a glimpse of time, the slow music was playing in the background, ushering me in. My parents held my hands; the moment was here, and the tears could not stop flowing. He was waiting for me at the altar, smiling. I loved him, I was giving my life to him, and nothing would ever change that. If you are soliciting personal essay topics, you already have one; ‘My wedding day!’
So what is a personal essay?
 A personal essay is an academic piece of writing, presenting the ideas, thoughts, and feelings of an individual. It is based on the writer’s or another person’s experience. As such, it takes the first person narration.
Steps to choosing exceptional personal essay topics
First, understand the purpose of your personal essay. Second, brainstorm topics relevant to the purpose of your essay. Finally, evaluate the relevance of each topic and select the best of them all.
Tips on how to select terrific personal essay topics
Personal essays play the role of communicating a lesson learnt or a call for action. Research briefly research on your target audience based on their background, intellectual level, gender, and attitude towards the subject. Consequently, select an interesting and relevant topic towards your audience. Writing on a topic that you like comes with an interesting essay writing process.
Making the best of personal essay samples
If assigned a personal essay for high school students, personal essay examples for high school are one of the keys to exceptional results. Personal essay examples for high school provide you with excellent topics for the same. Again, personal essay examples for high school facilitate you with personal essay writing skills. Custom writing service, internet, your lecturer and colleagues are massive sources of personal essay examples for high school. Keep it in mind that it is astute to have a combination of sources, for variety.
Examples of personal essay topics
  • My wedding day
  • My worst day
  • The concert
  • Treasured memories
  • The day I got my dream car
  •  My encounter with gangsters 
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