Friday, 12 October 2012

Personal Essay Ideas

I was lost in wonder. How could anyone that charming, propose to me? I was the luckiest girl in the universe! I thought. And o, how I had waited for this day! If you are soliciting personal essay ideas, you already have yourself one, “Treasured memories’ Nevertheless if you are reading this, it only tells me that you have been assigned a personal essay. As such, it requires you to come up with terrific personal essay ideas. You cannot hence afford to be ignorant of the following dexterity, stay with me.
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Personal essay definition
The journey to exceptional personal essay writing commences with personal essay definition.  Subsequently, a personal essay is a piece of writing presenting the writer’s ideas, feelings, attitude and conclusions. As such, it takes first person narration. It is based on the writer’s or another person’s experience. An additional personal essay definition explains it as a piece of writing describing the author‘s personality based on his shortcomings, positive traits, successes and failures. These types of personal essays are an advertisement ground for the writer. Their primary objective is to request for admission in a certain organization. The target audience encompasses college committees, administration of large organizations, and faculty committees. Examples of such essays include; personal essay for college, personal essay for National Honor Society, among others.
Tips on choosing exceptional personal essay ideas
Subsequent to personal essay definition, the next essay writing step, involves selection of terrific personal essay topics. To begin with, choose an interesting topic. An interesting topic comes with an interesting essay writing process. Again, an interesting topic naturally captivates your readers. Second, select a relevant topic to your target audience. It would be absurd to write about the day you gave birth, with a target audience of nuns.  Again, select a topic that provides you with grounds to present a learnt lesson. For example, in our earlier illustration, treasured memories, my lesson for the target audience would be; patient pays.
Examples of terrific personal essay ideas
The following are samples of exceptional ideas for personal essays;
1.      Treasured memories
2.      The saddest day of my life
3.      How I met my best friend
4.      How I got my dream car
5.      My first day at work
6.      The interview day
7.      My first day in the university
8.      My fight with drug abuse
9.      Climbing Mt. Sinai
10.  The day I graduated from school of Journalism

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