Friday, 12 October 2012

Personal Essay Definition

For over four hundred years, the personal essay continues to be one of wealthiest and most vibrant of all literary forms.  This is in accord with Phillip Lopate, in his piece, The Art of the Personal Essay. Personal essay writing is one of the most creative nonfiction forms. Nevertheless, personal essay definition comes in two different approaches.
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1st Personal essay definition
The first definition describes a personal essay as a piece of writing presenting the writer’s ideas, emotions, attitudes and views on a given subject. It is based on the writer’s or another person’s experience. Subsequently, it takes the first person narration. Great personal essays communicate a lesson learnt out of the experience. A perfect personal essay format encompasses an introduction, body, and a conclusion. The introduction must be captivating and informative. The body encompasses the plot, conflict, and the climax. The conclusion summarizes the entire story. Great conclusions leave the reader with a lasting impression. This is accomplished by writing a call for action, food for thought, or a lesson learnt.  
2nd personal essay definition
Another personal essay definition explains it a piece of writing that describes the attributes of the writer, based on his or her successes, goals, strong points, and failures. These types of personal essays are written with the objective of advertising the writer for a given post. They are written as part of college admission processes, job application, or national honors society application, among others. Examples of these types of personal essays include; personal essays for college, personal essays for national honors society, personal essays for medical school, just but to mention few.
A comparison of the two
Both types of essays are an expression of the writer based on his or her experience. The writer, opinions, feelings, and thoughts make the story. Nevertheless, in the 1st definition, the writer’s sole objective is to communicate a lesson learnt, to the target audience. On the other hand, in the 2nd definition, the writer’s sole objective is to convenience the organization that he or she is the person they are soliciting. 
Personal essay samples
Making the most of personal essay samples is one of the keys to exceptional personal essay writing. Some of the sources of personal essay samples include; custom writing services, internet, your colleagues, and lecturers. Nevertheless, it is unethical to use personal essay samples as if they were your own. This is termed as plagiarism which is characterized by heavy penalties.

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